Literary Tour #2: Mt. Cloud Bookshop

For my birthday weekend, my family and I headed to the Philippines’ Summer Capital: Baguio City! I’ve been looking forward to a trip to Baguio ever since a friend of mine told me about Mt. Cloud Bookshop. If you’re headed for the City of Pines this summer to beat the heat, here are five reasons why you SHOULD swing by Mt. Cloud:

Reason #1: It’s the closest bookstore (that I’ve seen) to Shop Around the Corner.

For those people who know me well enough, I’ve always daydreamed about the bookstore in the movie You’ve Got Mail. I want to be the Storybook Lady! (I know, I know. :p ) Mt. Cloud is the closest place I’ve seen to it. It has a very cozy and homey atmosphere. Entering the store is like entering someone’s personal space –  bookshelves line the walls and there are little nooks and crannies where you can sit and just enjoy the place.

If you look around, you’ll notice all the folded paper cranes which were folded by one of the store’s owners. All the colors add a fun, playful touch to the place. The place also features cool artwork and designs.

Reason #2: You know that the owners are real book lovers.

There’s a shelf inside that contains items that aren’t for sale. This is because the books are part of the owners’ personal collection. It reminded me a lot of my classroom library when I was still teaching. I opted to put books from my own collection for the kids to enjoy. Needless to say, I enjoyed going through this personal collection like a kid! The comics in their collection were pretty interesting. They also had books I’ve never seen in regular bookstores. I thought that it was wonderful of the owners to share that much of themselves to the people who would visit their store. I think I’d want to do the same if I had my own. 😀

Besides browsing, I enjoyed walking around and reading the labels on the shelves. Although if you go through the books, you’d notice that many of the titles they have are pretty common – you can find them in regular bookstores. But they had a nice collection of Asian literature, particularly their Children’s Literature collection, which I fell in love with.

They had storybooks from different Asian countries and Filipino books published in the US. I had to hold myself back from getting everything from the stack of Asian folktales!

Reason #3: You can climb up a ladder to browse through a wall of books!

Who wouldn’t want to experience climbing a wall of books?! I know – cheap thrills. :p But I’m betting that many of us have dreamed of doing this and swinging the ladder from one shelf to another like Belle from Beauty and the Beast! But just some words of caution to manage your expectations – the ladder here doesn’t have wheels so you’d have to climb up and down several times if you want to go through all the high shelves. Also, some parts of the shelves and ladder are dusty so bring tissue or wet wipes!

Reason #4: You can take your time and read!

There are several places where you can choose to sit and disappear into a book. Everything’s free for you to explore! I also found this really amusing:

It’s quite a friendly offer since comics are pretty pricey. :p If you’re an author or illustrator, they also have something for you:

Reason #5: You can have coffee or beer while reading!

Need I say more? Enough said. 😀 There’s something for everyone in this bookstore!


Since Mt. Cloud is part of Casa Vallejo Hotel, take the time to drop by the Cinematheque. Though it was closed when we went there, the posters outside showcased Filipino classic movies.

If you also love fine dining and steak, try the restaurant inside called  Hill Station. It’s a fine dining restaurant that’s perfect for dates or family gatherings. The food is yummy yet affordable, considering it’s in a hotel. What made the experience even more pleasant was the service – they have awesome waiters. 😀

Mt. Cloud Bookshop is located inside Casa Vallejo Hotel in Upper Session Road, Baguio City

Visit Mt. Cloud Bookshop’s Facebook Page –


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