The Best Classroom Theme Ever!

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is decorating my classroom. I’ve always thought of my classroom as our (my kids and I) home away from home. Because of this, I wanted it to be fun and comfortable – especially since I taught kids from the lower grades. Besides that, it was also therapeutic to draw, cut, paint and color.

For my first homeroom class, our classroom theme focused on Filipino literary characters. Try to spot the ones you know!

Xilef from Xilef by Augie Rivera

Mia from Ang Pambihirang Sombrero by Jomike Tejido

Raquel from Ang Pambihirang Buhok ni Raquel by Luis Gatmaitan

Filemon from Filemon Mamon by Christine Bellen

For the following year, we had games as our theme – just to make the kids feel like every day was games day!

Snakes and Ladders

Scene It (Books into Big Screen Edition)

Scrabble! (and my attempt at making3D tiles)

Grade 2 Game of Life – this is where all the pictures and other memorabilia would go!

And the other year was dedicated to making an Adventure Book with my Grade 1 kids. Of course, Up would be a part of it!


I always had an area in the room wherein I’d post letters to my kids. I know. I was a cheesy homeroom adviser. :p

We had weird contests in the classroom – Wackiest Alien Photo Contest!

But I guess the best part is when they DO claim it as their home. Here’s the entrance sign my former students made:

Enter if you dare! ;p

I believe in the creativity of all the teachers out there so I’m going to run a simple simple contest for: The Best Classroom Theme Ever!

Here are the very simple mechanics: 🙂

  1. Take five photos of your classroom featuring your theme, of course. 😛
  2. Write a short explanation of your theme (but not more than 5oo words please!).
  3. Email to: by June 10, 2012 (I figured your classrooms should be ready by then!). Winners will be announced by  June 12, 2012!

Prizes for 2 winners: 1,500 pesos worth of Scholastic gift certificates (and I guess I’ll post the pics of your classroom in this blog)

***Scholastic GCs can be used in a school book fair or in the warehouse. 🙂



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