Three Things

Sometimes too much can be overwhelming and at this point, I kind of feel like Calvin. Over the past few months that I’ve been back in school thinking about what I do and why I chose to be in the teaching profession, I find myself daydreaming too often about the things I want to do for Philippine education. But of course, there are these nagging thoughts about not knowing where to start or if it’s even something worth doing.

But I choose to stay on the positive track and maybe go a step ahead of Calvin and dream about taking a risk.

In light of the ending semester and World Teacher’s Day, I decided to share with you the Three Things I Want to Do for Philippine Education.

#1: Create Happier Learning Environments

My homeroom classes were never tagged as the “Most Behaved” sections. At some point, I felt bad about this but I realized something more important. My students were often noisy because they were happy. Our kids will spend more than ten years of their lives inside schools – why not invest in making it a happy place for them? Take the case of Sweden. They are rethinking how schools should look like. Though this is quite a radical shift – they’re thinking of removing classrooms: (Read about it here.)

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

But again, maybe it’s high time we did review the physical look of schools. What kind of environment will foster learning, creativity and critical thinking?

#2: Make Information More Accessible

If I had the power to make every child a reader, I would. Wouldn’t we all? And it’s not just because I want to make everyone a nerd or a bookworm but I just want to make information accessible to as many people as possible.

Efren Penaflorida’s Kariton

Free Library in Makati

I admire these people who went out of their way to bring books and other resources to impoverished areas. My personal agenda in taking Information Technology Integration for MA is to think of a way on how we could use technology to share more resources to everyone.

#3: Empower Teachers

I’ve heard too many heartbreaking why-I-became-a-teacher stories. These reasons range from teaching being the cheapest course in college to “My grades didn’t make it for my original course so I shifted to teaching.”

I know. Sad, right? It’s enough to make you feel a a bit disheartened. But the reality is – it’s there. This is why I think the teaching profession needs a makeover. It’s time to bring back the respect it once (or never in our case?) had.

So my dream is to create a network of teachers in the Philippines – teachers who want to talk about current issues, policies and making changes happen. We need more teachers to get their voices and ideas out there and we need to unite!


Listing down the bigger goals I want to accomplish as a teacher is actually an offshoot of one of our class assignments. We were asked to think about one question about education and to try and answer that over the course of five weeks. The question I asked myself then was: What should we be teaching in schools? I think I’m nowhere near answering that and somewhere along the way the question just gave birth to more questions: How should we be teaching in schools? How can we redesign or reinvent the idea of schools? What makes a person educated? and the list goes on!

But we focused on one word during our last class: transformative. I remembered Antonio Tujan’s book:

In the book, he describes how transformative education can happen:

“Transformative education is a conscious, systematic three-way transformation of the institution and educators, of the students and of society.”

And hopefully, the goals I laid out are grounded on this. Let’s start making changes! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. teacherem says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. While we both focused on the state of our country’s education system, you ended it with a positive note. How I wish we could do something good about that. Thanks for liking my blog entry. 🙂


  2. angperegrino says:

    I love this post, and agree with your three points. I specially want to see #1 happen in our country. I was just thinking that a ‘Happier Learning Environment’ involves a more whole-istic education–where kids are taught not just english, math and science, but other skills as well; so kids who are great in arts, music, or those who are good with plants and animals, can prosper and excel as well. (The movie Three Idiots just flashed into my mind right now. hehe) And maybe because you used the word HAPPY, the integration of classroom and family has to be involved. Xavier is going for the NO BULLYing campaign, and for education to ever be truly effective, it has to go beyond the four walls of the classroom, or school.


    • Teacher Cris says:

      Hey, I love that movie! I know… I’ve been daydreaming about projects to start – that’s mainly why I’m studying again. 😀 I saw the No Bullying campaign and it’s a good start. Are you interested in doing something? I’ve been trying to meet and brainstorm with other people whenever I’m free. Time to rally other people!


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