It Takes A Village Part 4: Our Christmas Story


About two weeks ago, I wrote a piece about helping my students become heroes. The response to this post has been quite overwhelming and amazing. My heart is full of joy, gratitude, and HOPE – because you have all proven that it DOES take a village to raise these children.

Here are some photos of the kids spreading Shoebox Love:




While I scanned the room, some kids would look up and grin at me. They smiled with such pride and excitement over their letters and decorations.



These boxes don’t just carry messages of hope and love for the typhoon survivors. They’ve become symbols of hope and inspiration for many of my kids –  that what THEY do CAN make a difference in other people’s lives. I believe that being able to help others can be very empowering. Not only does it give them the courage to dream bigger for themselves but it also helps them explore the possibility of including others in those dreams.

photo taken from Teach for the Philippines Facebook page

photo taken from Teach for the Philippines Facebook page

My students have always dreamed of becoming famous – so this next part came as a pleasant surprise for me and the kiddos! They were featured on TV! Here’s the link to the short clip: 24 Oras


As I’ve written before, it’s true that many of my kids are growing up in tougher environments. While I can’t change much about that, I’ve realized that I can always help in creating more opportunities for them – experiences that will empower them and make them feel embraced by a community.

Thank you for making our Christmas story something my students and I will always be proud to share to others. And also, as a community, let’s continue to help them have more of these stories.

Merry Christmas! 🙂 (with much love from 3-Masayahin)


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