Every Teacher A Reader: Why not?


Whenever someone tells me that he or she doesn’t like to read, I’m always inclined to think, “Well, you haven’t met the right book.”

I’ve been attending all sorts of book and reader events and I’ve been quite inspired with the number of teachers I’ve met in these places. I’ve long dreamed of having a book club with fellow teachers but it just seemed quite impossible because of everyone’s busy schedules. So, this aha-lightbulb moment came when my better half and I thought one summer evening, Why not create an online community?


Every Teacher A Reader is an online community of teachers who share the love and passion for reading. Our goal is to share books, readings, videos, events, etc. that help promote the love for literacy. Whether it’s a cook book, a romance novel, a thesis, a journal article – anything goes! (There’s no room for intellectual snobs here!)


One of our goals is to create a voice for Filipino teachers. And from what we’ve learned from the many great writers in last week’s 4th Filipino ReaderCon is that if you have something to say – why not write it down?

As soon as we launch our site, we will be inviting guest writers to review books, write about literacy, video logs, authors to promote books, etc.

Anyone is free to submit their works – we’ll filter through them, of course, but just keep them coming! If you have a site or a blog, please feel free to let us know about it!


It’s been far too long that our voices haven’t been heard. Imagine what we could do (or be)  if we all came together and pooled our ideas. I’m quite sick of hearing people complain about publishers, the lack of good reading materials, and the list goes on. This kind of platform can change the way society and people (up there) think about us.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join – let’s change the story of ALL Filipino readers out there!


For now, you can find us on Facebook!


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