Open Classroom Project Part 1


It’s been a few months since I launched The Open Classroom Project. I’m happy to say that we’ve had a few guests already!


Teacher Michelle Agas demonstrated her spectacular storytelling skills! She surprised the kids with special song numbers as well. I couldn’t have taught a better singing class!


It turns out that my student’s father is a music teacher! Mr. Gajete dropped by with his keyboard one December afternoon. He taught the kids basic concepts about music. They enjoyed jamming together a lot!


Ate Frances and Ate Dianne came to join our Christmas Party! The mommies and kids were so excited to show off their dancing and singing skills to our beautiful guests.


My former student, Ally, visited my class a few days ago. Ally is currently based in Singapore. For her personal project in school, she decided to research and write about Philippine education. I feel very fortunate that I was given this opportunity to have her in school to meet my students.


We still have three months left and if you’re asking why you should join, take a look at the picture below.


I’ve spent the last eight months telling my students that they should believe in themselves. While it counts, sometimes it helps to have other people inspire them. My student, Princess, wrote this to Teacher Michelle after they sang together in front of our class. In a way, I’m sure that she’ll remember that moment when an adult believed in what she could do.

I’m thankful that many of you have been extending your kindness and generosity to my students. While material donations certainly help, I would also encourage you to extend your experience of generosity. Your presence and time will surely be appreciated by them.

Shoot me an email at: if you’re willing to spend time and share your talents and interests to my students! Let’s help them have more happy memories!




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