When a Teacher Marries a Teacher

Since we’ve been busy plugging about our upcoming event, a couple of people have been interviewing us. One common questions is: What’s it like to marry a fellow reader / teacher?

  1. Routines! Routines! Routines!

I think it’s quite obvious that I have the tendency to obsess over setting routines in the classroom. Naturally, this seems to crossover into my personal life. It’s a good thing my other half totally understands that these routines will help us establish a culture or a way of life into our marriage.

Between work and spending time with others, we needed to set some space for our quality time with each other – even if it means one person has to adjust and brave more traffic throughout the day.

2. You live in your own classroom or library.

Every now and then, I feel the need to decorate something, similar to the way I used to decorate bulletin boards. So this Christmas, I was allowed to do it on our wall!


Another thing I miss is posting photos of my students on the walls and writing them notes. I figured I could do the same on our refrigerator door.


Though we gave away hundreds of my books during our wedding, our house and bedroom are still littered with them anyway.

lolita moon

3. You become (a little bit) braver to do things.

Who else will support you in coming up with a campaign that involves virtual strangers?

ETAR Shelfie

Or you finally get the courage to do crazy things just to promote what (and who :p) you love.

That Thing

4. You realize there’s so much love between the two of you that it seems crazy not to share it with others.

And that’s the main reason why we hold this book drive. 🙂

Please support our simple book drive with Tweedle Book Cafe and Bookbed! Proceeds will go to The Loma Elementary School Classroom Library Project and The Storytelling Project.



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